Webflow Designer Dashboard


The Webflow Designer Dashboard - Notion Template
Level up your Webflow business and start standardising your processes with The Designer Dashboard. Complete with 7 Project Document Templates and a Pipeline for managing your leads & workload more effectively.

Save countless hours creating & refining your Webflow Docs
When I started by freelance journey with Webflow I searched for best practices and guidance on completing projects. It either didn't exist or was not where I was looking.

What I really wanted was an operating system that not only helped me manage leads and active projects, but taught me and then reminded me of Webflow best practices to improve the quality of my builds and client service.

Creating the Dashboard took me a lot longer than I thought. Then I refined it using feedback from some of the best Webflow experts to deliver the latest and most effective, processes, docs and best practices. Here's what it includes:

Pipeline & Project Management
Pipeline: Grab a bird's eye view of live and upcoming projects
Folders: Quickly jump into any project and pick up where you left off
7 Project Document Templates
Design Questionaire
Design Review
Go Live Checklist
SEO Checklist
All complete with tips, advice and best practices to help you save time, improve quality, win more projects and grow your business.

Become a better Webflower
Are you ready to level up your Webflow workflow? I bumbled around before really nailing down my craft. I want you to avoid that. I want to help you complete better projects faster, take on more clients, and free up your time to work on more important things. The Designer Dashboard has everything you need.

Every view, document and tip has been meticulously thought out and reviewed to ensure you're working on what you need to and when. It's comprehensive yet easy to use and you should be able to get up and running with it straight away.

Webflow is easy, but quality is rare
While refining this Notion template I reviewed several designed for freelancers and designers. I always found them too generic to really improve my business. Hence this Dashboard is solely focused on Webflow, allowing me to be super-specific and bake in tips, tricks and best practices.

I also found other Notion templates too confusing to just start using immediately, so I've tried to keep using this as simple as possible. All you need to do is watch my intro video, delete the dummy data and you're ready. You can use it on your next Webflow project.

This Dashboard + Project Docs is perfect for:

Freelance Webflow Designers & Developers — Deliver high-quality projects faster, take on more clients and increase your income.
Small Webflow Agencies & Teams — Keep everyone on the same page with a simple Dashboard and project documents.