Ultimate Life Planner


One place to Manage Everything in your life, entirely in Notion.

The only Notion Template your need to plan, manage, and organized your life, home, work, and school.
Ultimate Life Planner brings goals, tasks, notes, plans, health, plant care, travel plans, Finance, and many more seamlessly together in Notion.

What’s Inside?

Super Dashboard: To manage and have an overview of everything. To do, Important notes, Important bookmarks, Shortcuts, Monthly plan., Reading list, Bookshelf, Bookmarks, Workout, Plant care, and Trip plan. Most of the time you don’t need to leave the dashboard and you can manage everything quickly. (Keep an eye on everything)

Productivity orbit (NEW): Create new tasks or copy task links from your Monthly plan and sync them inside the calendar. add workouts, plant care, and To-dos in your queue and never lose track again. With the monthly plan, you can add notes and all your tasks to keep track and have an overview of all your task and notes based on days and weeks. there are different sections to add to-dos related to home and family, freed and bound, and Misc tasks.

Bookmarks dashboard: Save and group all your webpage bookmarks in one place.
Bookshelf & Reading tracker: Manage your whole book directory and organize them based on books you complete, books that you are reading, and the next books you're going to read. Manage and track all your books and articles in one place. The only reading list you need to manage is all the articles you read or you want to read later. group your reading list-based category easily.

Workout Planner & Manager: Never miss a day again and build a healthy workout habit. Your ultimate workout plan tracker with all the tips, notes, and habit trackers you need.

Plant care dashboard: Never miss a water or fertilize day. This section will help you keep track of your plants health, routines, and tips to keep them in good condition and never lose another plant.

Trip planner & Manager: Create a trip and mood board and plan every aspect of your travels from start to finish.

Finance tracker: Track all your incomes, expenses, and where you spend your money.

Notes dashboard: Now there is a new and separate notes sections to keep your note organized and make it easier to add one. You can add important notes in the dashboard section to see them every day.

Household management: From planning your weekly and daily meals and meal ideas with all their recipes to managing your inventory, cleaning schedule and routines, friends and family information, pet care, and vehicle maintenance. All of them are ready to help you level up your housing experience.▪️ Meal planner ▪️ Meal ideas ▪️ Recipes ▪️ Grocery shopping List ▪️ Inventory management ▪️ Cleaning schedule & routines ▪️ Friends & Family information ▪️ Pet care ▪️ Vehicle Maintenance

Habit builder & Tracker: Create new habits, submit them day by day, and track your progress with this gamified habit builder. after 12 months of working on a habit, you can add them to Made habits section and be proud of yourself. Now, these habits are going to stay with you for the rest of your life.

Goal planner & Tracker: Plan every aspect of your goals with the SMART method and follow them along the way until you've achieved them. Also, use the vision board to add your long-term visions to every area of your life.

Mood tracker: Submit your mood every day and see how you are doing in the long-term period. count your happy days, sleepy days, days that you are feeling a little bit dizzy, tired, or boredom, and more.

Student center: Plan and manage your studies day by day and week by week. take note of each week's progress and learn from your failure to plan better. Create study checklists and update them with results, and submit and track your grades. ▪️ Study planner and tracker ▪️ Study checklist ▪️ Grade tracker ▪️ Class plans and trackers ▪️ Assignment manager ▪️ Student relation manager

Tips & Guides (NEW)
And Baking new features regularly
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Last Update on 28, Dec, 22 to V1.4.1:

Guides and Tips are added with text, gif, and video formats to help you learn how to build and update the Ultimate Life Planner systems on your own.
Previous Update on 21, Dec, 22 to V1.4:

Student center updated with more features and functionality
Habit tracker improved
Household management improved
Mood tracker improved
Main Dashboard improved
The finance manager and tracker have been updated with new features and functionalities
The trip planner was optimized with a few changes