Subscriptions Tracker


This powerful, user-friendly tracking system lets you manage your subscriptions and finances with just a few clicks. Say goodbye to unexpected charges and forgotten subscriptions—everything will be in one organized, easy-to-understand place.

Key Features of the Notion Subscriptions Tracker Template

Cost Center Categories: Group your subscriptions into customized categories, tracking the number of subscriptions and their monthly and annual costs per category.

Subscription Registry: Maintain detailed records of each subscription, including price, payment method, subscription status, and the card used for payment.

Credit Card Management: Manage all your credit cards in one place, with detailed information about each and a list of associated subscriptions.

Payment Date Alerts: Never be caught off guard by a renewal date again. Our alert system lets you know exactly when your next payment is due.

This subscriptions tracker is the perfect ally for anyone or any team looking to take stringent control of their subscriptions and finances. Having all your subscriptions under control will allow you to plan your expenses better, save time and money, and focus on what truly matters in your life or business.

Moreover, this tracker is straightforward, so you don't need to be a finance expert to get the most out of it. And if you're part of a team, this tracker will work wonders for financial transparency and organization.

Master your finances like never before with our Notion Subscriptions Tracker Template. Because you deserve to know where your money is going. Because you deserve to be in control.

Marco Elizalde