Stoic Calendar


The Stoic Calendar is the first fully-automated stoic calendar in Notion. The white squares will automatically turn black to represent each passing week.

What's inside

A clean 52 weeks x 90 years Stoic calendar view of your entire lifespan

Let the slow decay of your life shock you to action with your entire life at a glance.

Fully-automated stoic calendar with four different views in one template

No need to manually tick boxes. This is a fully-automated stoic calendar in Notion with each white square turning black every week.

One-step setup

Just set your birthdate, and watch the Calendar calibrate itself. No need for APIs or third-party apps.

Plan the rest of your life

Imagine what your life will be like one, ten years, and decades beyond today. Use this to plan ahead with your life's time limit in mind.

Define your why

Life is now. Find strength by writing down what really matters to you.

What you'll get

The fully-automated Stoic Calendar made in Notion with each white square turning black for each passing week up to a total of 90 years in the human lifespan

A ZIP file containing all off-Notion icons used in this template (in Notion gray and white for light and dark mode, respectively)

A bonus aesthetic options page with Stoicism-related classical paintings as design elements for the template