Sinking Funds Tracker


Contribute money on time and stay on track to reach your savings goal.
Are you struggling to keep track of your monthly contributions to a sinking fund? Do you want to work on saving money for a goal in the future?

Look no further than Notion's sinking fund tracker!

Our sinking fund tracker helps you track your savings goals and monitor your progress over time. It includes your goals, target dates, and actual amounts saved, as well as a running total to help you stay on track.

Keep track of your saving goals in one central location.
Contribute money onto a sinking fund each month to stay on track toward your savings goals.
Assign the priority for each sinking fund and save money each month.
Assess any shortfall or excess contribution towards any fund to meet your savings goals.
Access your sinking funds' tracker from any device, anywhere

Easy categorization for sinking funds.
Simple and intuitive interface for easy tracking.
Monthly sinking funds contributions with total contributions (in %).
Detailed analysis to help you understand how you want to contribute towards your sinking fund based on priority.
Gain access to the tracker from anywhere in the world with internet access.