Outfit Hub


The only Notion Wardrobe Template you'll need, ever.

The Outfit Hub is an easy-to-use minimalistic 1-page Template that helps you organize your wardrobe and plan out your outfits from one place, digitally.

Why did I make this?
I can sum it up in 4 words: "Look inside my closet"

I always struggled with keeping a tidy wardrobe. I'd spent countless hours organizing it, only to find it cluttered yet again a few days later.

Not to talk about my mornings where I'd spend my precious time choosing the outfits to wear for the day. There had to be a better option - so I made this template that'll:

Help you organize your wardrobe & outfit inspirations by color, style and season
Assist in sorting through all your outfits by color, style and season easily
Let you plan your outfits a week in advance, to give you more time.

What's included?
Aesthetically pleasing and minimalistic design
1-Page template with no annoying sub-pages.
Easy sorting by color, style or season
Weekly Outfit Planner
Wardrobe & Inspiration Database
Toggle Organizing System to keep from cluttering
A guide on how to reverse shrunk clothes
A guide on how to remove stains