Mood Journal Tracker


Surprise yourself with the patterns you'll find.

Journals revolve around the past.

But this mood journal has time in 3D.

So dump your thoughts and let your moods turn to data across time.

Are you ready to journey within, explore your emotions, and achieve emotional well-being?

Use the Notion Mood Journal + Tracker to unleash your inner peace, understanding, and motivation โ€” one page at a time.

What you'll get

A mood journal that lets you write your heart out, offers statistical mood analysis, enables you to pen messages to your future self, and allows you to unlock these entries when their time capsule date arrives

Multiple Notion tips and tutorial clips within the template to aid newer users

The features for journaling and mood tracking

Dynamic Emotions โ€” Feel free to set as many emotions as you want across five ascending mood ranks

Statistical Insights โ€” Gain valuable insights into your feelings, moods, and emotional patterns. Understand yourself on a deeper level

Entry Counter

Mood Rating Per Day

Mood Summary โ€” This Month, Quarter, Year

Mood Journal

Journal Entries โ€” How are you today? Write journal entries as you would for a regular journal. Focus on the present, and narrate past experiences

Note to Self + Inbox โ€” Craft a digital time capsule of your thoughts, wishes, and aspirations for your future self. Read them as a prompt when the opening date arrives