Meal Diary


A Meal Diary Notion template is a customizable digital tool designed to help individuals track their daily food intake and monitor their eating habits. This template can be used to keep a record of what a person eats, the amount of food they consume, and the time of day they eat.

Using a Meal Diary Notion template can help individuals develop healthier eating habits, improve their dietary choices, and achieve their health and wellness goals. It can also be a useful tool for those who want to monitor their food intake for medical or weight management reasons.

What's included:

Button system to quickly add food by type
Weekly Overview
Monthly Overview
A simple system for customization

Overall, the Meal Diary Notion template is a flexible and user-friendly tool that can be customized to suit the needs and preferences of each individual user. It can help users become more mindful of their eating habits and make informed decisions about their nutrition.

Danny Kouba