Life Dashboard


Ready for a personal and professional life refresh?

Crave a complete, done-for-you system that keeps your goals, projects, visions, and inspiration all in one place?

No more switching between project management systems and daily planners, this digital system is an easy and gorgeous way to balance it all. This system helps you easily switch between big-picture goals and the week-to-week details so you don't miss a thing.

This Notion contextual dashboard pack is not just a template but a system for designing life according to your long and short term dreams. It is vision-centered, reminding you what is most important to you, so you know how all of your activities feed into larger goals.

This is Perfect For You If...
You're a solo-preneur, freelancer, student, or creative who is so multi-passionate, you find it hard to stay focused and centered.

You have a "web" of ideas for some of your goals and dreams but don't know how they each build on one another or what to prioritize.

You struggle to flow between weekly priorities, daily habits, and the long-term vision.

You want all your important personal and professional projects, all in one place.

Jazmine Russell