Learning Box


You probably consume a lot of content full of interesting knowledge but...

How to remember what you learned right when you need it?...

In other words:

“How do I make what I’m learning right now easily discoverable and understandable for my future self?”

This is the job of Learning Box!

With Learning Box, you can now:

Use the most effective note-taking systems out there. So you will not only understand the concepts you will learn better and faster!

Learning Box includes ready-to-use templates of these note-taking systems:

Cornell Note-Taking Method (Premium Version)
Feynman Technique (Premium Version)
Progressive Summarization by Tiago Forte
Outline Method (Premium Version)
Boxing Method (Premium Version)
Synthetic Notes (Premium Version)
SQL2R Method (Premium Version)

Who will benefit from this:

People searching for a note-taking system, notebook, or fast learning techniques.
Goal-oriented people
People building a productivity toolbox to gain more free time.

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