Knowledge Base or Help Center


Notiondesk Template is a professional and sleek template that allows you to create and manage a Knowledge Base or Help Center inside Notion.

Keep all your documents and articles in one place and build a beautiful private or public help center that you can easily share with your team or customers!

With Notiondesk, you can easily organize and categorize your content, making it easy for others to find the information they need. This template is perfect for businesses, teams, and individuals looking to streamline their knowledge management process.

How this template will help you :

Focus on content writing
Notiondesk Template allows you to easily organize and structure your content, allowing you to focus on what's important: writing and creating valuable information for your team or customers.

Collaboration inside Notion
With Notiondesk, you can easily share your knowledge base with your team or customers, and collaborate on documents and articles in real-time.

Build a beautiful and professional help center
Notiondesk Template is designed to help you create a polished and professional-looking help center that is easy to navigate and search. With this template, you can build a help center that your team and customers will love using.

What's included in this template :

The Articles database is where you can store all your documents and organize them into categories for easy navigation.

The Collections feature allows you to group related articles together for easy access and organization.

The template includes support for multiple languages, making it easy for you to create a multilingual knowledge base for your team or customers.