Job Search Tracker


Track your progress and be on your way to getting hired

The job search process is broken
If you've ever been down the job search process before, then you must know that it's all kinds of broken. Crazy requirements, long interview processes, and not hearing back after countless crickets. That's not what anyone wants to go through and it needs to be fixed.

Keeping close track of everything is the solution
The only way to combat this big problem is to take initiative and stay on top of every aspect of the job search process. That's what this template is designed to help you do. With this, you'll find yourself more in control of the process than your future employer does.

What's included:
A dashboard to store and easily access your work
Easy-to-use application management system
Task manager to associate tasks with applications
Schedule to manage interviews and tasks
Contact CRM that can be associated with applications
Offer management table to compare details of job offers