Inventory Manager


Notion Inventory Manager template offers an all-in-one solution to efficiently manage your products, suppliers, and customers in one central location while keeping track of your sales, purchases, and stock levels.

What's included?

Databases: Inventory, Sales database, Purchases, Suppliers, Clients, and Shipping companies.
Automated Stock Alert Formula.
Fields for product description, SKU, minimum quantity, unit cost, sale price, units bought, units sold, and product profit, with automatic calculation of the total investment and inventory value.
Automated Current Stock Formula
Client database
Sales order status tracking

Who is this product for?

✔ Small business owners: whether you run an online reselling business, e-commerce store, or physical shop.

✔ Anyone looking to simplify their inventory management and streamline their stock control process.

Dashboard & Pages:
Effortlessly manage all aspects of your inventory, including products, suppliers, sales orders, and clients.

Inventory: Inventory value by category and product.
Purchases: Sorted by supplier, day, week, month, year, and by product.
Sales: Sorted by day, week, month, year, and by product. See which products were sold to each client and which orders are open and delivered. Top 10 best-selling and profit products.
Clients: View top clients by total sales and track active and inactive clients.
Suppliers: Suppliers by product category.
Shipping companies: View recently shipped orders by company.

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