ICT / SMC Trading Plan & Journal


This notion template was made after countless days and hours of research, studying and experience in Inner Circle Trader (ICT) Concepts or Smart Money Concepts (SMC). It also includes things I learned from other ICT students, study notes, important key points, simplified explanations of analysis methods and also things I discovered myself.

Some of the things included in this template are:

A complete trading plan for Position & Swing Trading, Short-Term Trading, Day Trading and Scalping.
A complete strategy plan for entering trades.
Study notes made by other ICT students.
Simplified explanations of analysis concepts.
Key points from ICT mentorships, personal discoveries, other ICT student discoveries.
Other ICT scalping strategies.
Easy to use Trading Journal, which you can also use to note daily forecasts.
A "Zen Zone" which allows you to keep meditative sounds played in the background while you analyze. This will help you to stay focused and disciplined.
New York time widget and Twitter widgets from my favorite SMC traders, including the Inner Circle Trader.
If you are someone who learned ICT concepts, but tend to forget them easily, this notion template will help you to use his strategies in the best ways possible.