Health Calendar


A sense of purpose simulator with your health on the line.

The healthiest you've been was a long time ago.

Remember what you already know:

Time wants you dead.

You can never run away from aging yet you speed it up with your vices.

You can choose to participate in harmful behavior today, but one day you won’t be able to choose their effects.

Use the Notion Health Calendar to watch how your body will fail you every time you open your Notion workspace.

This calendar is inspired by the ancient principle of Memento Mori from Stoic philosophy. Memento Mori is a Latin phrase which means “remember death” or “thou shalt remember to die”.

What's inside

Set your life in order with a health-centered view of your entire lifespan

How will your life play out? Take advantage of decades of service in one template.

One-step Calendar setup

Just set your birthdate, and watch the Calendar calibrate itself. Everything runs in Notion; no APIs or third-party apps are needed.

Create your list of prophecies

Determine your prophecies: use the default, disable what isn't for you, and write your own. Use this space to experiment with the future.

Plan the rest of your life

Imagine what your life will be like one year, ten years, and decades beyond today. Use this to plan ahead with the time limit per age in mind in the original table-Kanban board hybrid view.

Challenge the fates

Set your goals on certainty. Challenge the disease and frailness fates that will without a doubt occur if you do nothing about them.

Define your why

Write into being your ideals and reasons. Let your sense of purpose set the foundations of your discipline.

What you'll get

The Health Calendar, which is a calendar, planner, and fates library Notion template that shows you the health-related fates that humans commonly contract at different ages and lets you plan your life around them. Use the custom prophecies, or add your own.

A ZIP file containing all off-Notion icons used in this template (in Notion gray and white for light and dark mode, respectively)

A bonus aesthetic options page with Stoicism-related classical paintings as design elements for the template