Financial Hub: Advanced Finance Tracker


Transform the way you manage your personal and business finances with the Advanced Finance Tracker Notion template. This comprehensive template is meticulously crafted to provide detailed control over your finances, both on a personal and business level.

Why Invest in Financial Hub?

I created this template for myself with meticulous attention to detail, as I couldn't find any advanced template that addressed these two specific needs I had:

The Separation of Credit Cards from Accounts:
Credit cards are not accounts, so they shouldn't be placed in the accounts section, as I found in many other templates, since they can become a debt if not paid.

Additionally, general expenses paid with a credit card should not be deducted from the bank balance until the card is paid off. Therefore, I needed general expenses to simply be listed but not deducted from my bank balance until the card was paid off.

This way, it ensures a clearer financial picture and prevents premature deductions from your bank balance.

A History of Debt and Loan Payments without Affecting Current Balances:
Financial Hub offers unparalleled flexibility in debt tracking. You can choose to include past debts or start from now without impacting your current balances.

Let me explain: if you purchase the template today and already have a debt, you have two options - load it from now on or, like me, load everything as I want to see the progress of the debt from the beginning, and not from now that I have already paid some installments previously.

This unique feature ensures that past installment payments don't affect the current balance, offering a clear separation between historical debt tracking and current financial status.

If you value precision and clarity in financial management, Financial Hub is the solution you've been looking for.

What's included?

This template offers features like:

Dashboard & Pages: Personal and Business Categories, Accounts, Income, Expenses, Credit Cards, Subscriptions, Bills, Transfers between Accounts, Debts & Loans, Saving Goals & Funds, Investments, Monthly and Annual Reports.

Automated Features: Enjoy automated calculations and alerts that ensure you never miss important deadlines.

Notification Center: Stay informed with essential financial reminders and alerts.

Quick Buttons: Simplify your financial tasks with one-click shortcuts.

Spanish Version Available: Choose your preferred language.

u$s and โ‚ฌ Version Available: Choose your preferred currency.

Instructions: Comprehensive instructions to assist you in setting up and using the template effectively.

Dashboard & Pages:

Effortlessly manage all aspects of your finances

โœ” Personal and Business Categories: The entire template is built around these two main categories to maintain clarity and organization across your finances. Additional categories can be added as needed.

โœ” Accounts: Easily manage all your financial accounts, including checking, savings, investments, and online wallets.

โœ” Incomes: Keep track of all your income.

โœ” General Expenses: Keep track of all your general expenses.

โœ” Sources: Categorize income and expenses, setting monthly income goals and budgets for your expenses.

โœ” Credit Cards: Separate your credit card expenses from your bank account balances until they're paid off.

โœ” Subscriptions: Stay organized by tracking all subscriptions, including those with free trial periods.

โœ” Bills: Keep tabs on upcoming bill payments and due dates.

โœ” Transfers: Transfer money between your accounts or save up for your savings goals.

โœ” Debts & Loans: Keep a record of your debts and loans, including if you want to have past installment payments without affecting your current bank balance.

โœ” Investments: Track your investment portfolio and dividend payments.

โœ” Saving Goals & Funds: Save money for your savings, sinking funds, or wishlist goals.

โœ” Monthly & Yearly Reports: Access detailed reports to analyze your financial activity on a monthly and yearly basis.

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