Content Planner


The best way to take your social media game to the next level
Our template enables you to plan and write your content for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest in one place.

Why should I use such a tool?
We are honest with you, if you are serious about social media you need a Content Planner system.


With such a planner you have a better overview of past posts and posts that you still have to write. Posts are forgotten to write and post belongs to the past.

What is included?
Content Planner - Keep track of your posts

Different Accounts - manage your different accounts and create your posts directly on filtered pages

Creator Pages - For Twitter, Facebook and co. - Work focussed on posts from different platforms

Tasks - Your to-do list that helps you not to forget anything anymore

Goals - A written goal becomes a plan. Save your goals

Hashtags - Save your favorite hashtag collections here

Resources - A helpful collection of tweet ideas from Mattia

Who is this product for?
for anyone who is serious about social media and wants to increase their productivity and decrease their time waste

Who is this product not for?
if you are only on social media to distract yourself from real life and only trying to get followers for fame, you should not buy this template.