Business Plan Workspace


A Notion tool to build interactive and shareable Business Plans.

60-page business plans built on Word are obsolete. However, just because the technique is obsolete does not mean that Business Plans are not valuable. Using the right tools, building a business plan can be a key factor in the success of a project.

Business Plans in Word (Pdf & other text formats)

The making process can't be reflected in the final document
You need several supporting software and apps to work with the team
You need several supporting software and apps to present the plan to stakeholders
Sharing different versions of the document may lead to errors
Difficulty keeping track of good and bad practices for future projects/plans.
It is not an interactive format for presenting to Stakeholders
It is hard to maintain the interest of the audience reading the plan

Our proposal using Notion

The Business Plan is easily sharable with team members & stakeholders
Team Members and stakeholders can interact and review different stages of the plan
Each step of the process is documented and organized in one place
Automations between Notion & other apps such as Zapier or Automate can save a lot of time on the Market Research Stage
Ability to track the progress of each stage from one place
Ability to assign coordinators and team members to specific stages
The presentation can be made in Notion, saving time by accessing information fast and avoiding the use of another software such as PowerPoint.
It is easier to move from planning to execution using Notion
You can benefit from this template if you:

  • Have a Business Idea and don't know where to start

  • Want to assess the feasibility of your venture

  • Want to reduce the risk of pursuing the wrong opportunity

  • Are an entrepreneur that wants to test your next business idea

  • Are a startup planning a new business line/product/idea

  • Are a Business Consultant and want to offer an interactive service for your client

  • Want to find business partners and present your idea to them

  • Want to find funding and present your idea to investors

  • Want to document your revenue model and working process

  • Value strategy and planning

For Business Planners - Beginners

This is a step-by-step journey. You will learn how to make your business plan in an interactive and shareable space that will allow you to document all your work.

For Business Planners / Companoes - Intermediate & Advance

This Notion Workspace will turn your Business Plans into interactive and shareable projects. With this template, you will read the next level regarding collaboration & documentation while creating your plans.

For Students

If you are a Business Student, your school may require that you build a business plan as part of their program. This template will guide you through that process and you will be able to present your assignment in a unique, customizable format.

What's inside?

Before starting: a step-by-step guide
Recipes to improve the template (Automations)
Help Channels
Business Plan Workspace (Duplicable Template) that includes:
A General Dashboard: to work on different stages of the Business Plan, take a quick look at the progress made, and organize documentation for the template.
3 main Databases: Gathering all the Business Plan Stages, Milestones Organization, and Documentation
Business Plan Database: This database is composed of 10 Business Plan Stages. Each stage contains detailed information and guidelines on how to develop the work in each section. The stages include Brainstorming, Business Description, Market Analysis, Marketing Plan, Operations Plan, Human Resources Plan, Legal Plan, Financial Plan, Control Plan, and Presentation.
Milestones Database: A database of all the Milestones within the Business Plan. Each Business Plan stage contains a set of milestones that will help you track the progress of the stage and identify key components. It will also help you to organize your team.
Documentation Database: A database with all the documents related to the Business Plan that is external to Notion. The system allows relating each document to different parts of the plan.
15 sub-databases: Gathering different key points among the Business Plan stages such as the SWOT, PORTER, and PESTEL tool, Brainstorming techniques, Canvas Model, Marketing Mix, Sales budget, COGS Budget, etc.