Bills Tracker


Are you looking for a way to track your financial situation over a period of time? Do you happen to pay your bills late and are looking for a way to track them in one place and pay on time?

Look no further than Notion's Bill tracker!

Our bill worth tracker helps you track your financial situation by showing bills due to be paid, bills already paid, and bills past due dates to help you pay your bills on time.


  1. Keep track of your expenses in one central location.

  2. Encourage paying the bills on time to improve your financial situation.

  3. Look out for your spending habits that can add up extra bills without any requirement.

  4. Pay your bills based on priority such as Low, Medium, and High to take care of bills in the right order.

  5. Access your bill tracker from any device, anywhere


Easy-to-use interface: An intuitive and easy-to-use interface. It is simple to add your bills and pay them as they are due.
Customizable categories: It's easy to customize your categories of expenses (if required) allowing you to track various expenses that make sense for you. This tracker includes expenses such as Food and Groceries, Utilities, Entertainment, Loans and Debts, Travel and Transporation and Others etc.
Historical tracking: Pay your bills based on their due period and put them under 3 categories as Upcoming Bills, Bills Past Due, and Bills Paid.
Set the right frequency of expenses: Pay the bills based on how frequently they occur such as Daily expenses, One Time expenses, Monthly Expenses etc.
Pay the bills based on priority: Set the priority for each bill and pay them as per your defined priority on time.