Bad Habit Breaker


Break the cue, break the habit loop

Atomic Habits says that habit loops are formed by the cues.

Why then do all other bad habit apps just track your relapses?

The Notion Bad Habit Breaker tackles the habit problem differently.

It forces you to choose: replace with a better habit or relapse again to the bad habit?

What you'll get

A bad habit breaker that makes you be an active participant in fighting your bad habits

Statistical insights that show you your streaks and your win-lose ratio in your fight against your bad habits

Multiple Notion tips and tutorial clips within the template to aid newer users

A link to ever-growing Pinterest boards to make your page covers match your aesthetic of choice

The features for breaking your bad habits

The Choice โ€” Be an active participant in your bad habit breaking journey by making a choice between relapse and replacement every time you encounter your cues

Statistical Insights โ€” Gain statistical insights on your progress in your habit-breaking journey


Versus โ€“ Total Good vs. Bad

Morality Meter โ€“ This Week, Month, Quarter, Year

Reflection Pages โ€“ Did you make a mistake? Did you almost relapse? Record your experiences to ensure you know what to do next time