7 Page Client Welcome Pack


Make sure you and your clients are on the same page with this FREE customizable Client Welcome Pack MINI BUNDLE

Ideal for service businesses, agencies, freelancers, remote workers, devs, designers, writers, VA's and more, this editable Client Welcome Packet, makes a lasting impression and makes it a whole lot easier to do business.

Built in Notion, the bundle includes a variety of customizable templates to help you define all the details of the projects you're ready to work on for your new clients.

NB this is a Free MINI BUNDLE. To get the 35+ Page Clients Welcome Pack ULTIMATE PACK see the details below.

The Notion 7 Page Client Welcome Pack includes:

  1. Client Welcome Front Page

  2. Introduction

  3. About Us

  4. Service Package Summary

  5. Project Details

  6. Considerations

  7. Getting Started


☑️ Mix, match, add or delete pages to suit projects components and your brand

☑️ Change font color, font size font style to Notion options Sans (Default), Serif, and Mono to suit you/the client

☑️ Add text/wording to reflect the projects, clients, tasks and work to be undertaken

☑️ All images are free for commercial use. Replace images with your own if preferred

CHOOSE THE 35+ Page ULTIMATE BUNDLE in the sidebar and get the FULL PACK which includes:

  1. Client Welcome Page (Front Page 1)

  2. Client Welcome Page (Front Page 2)

  3. Table of Contents

  4. Introduction

  5. About Us

  6. Our Vision & Mission

  7. Meet the Team 1

  8. Meet the Team 2

  9. Welcome Video

  10. How it Works

  11. What to Expect

  12. What I Need from You

  13. Communication

  14. Tools & Resources

  15. Service Package Summary

  16. Our Services

  17. Rates Page

  18. Project Details

  19. Considerations

  20. Project Schedule

  21. Project Timeline

  22. Process

  23. Calendar

  24. Project Tracker

  25. Project Portal Login

  26. Meeting Notes

  27. Statement of Work & Scope

  28. Agreement & Terms

  29. Invoice

  30. Payments Summary

  31. FAQs

  32. Testimonials 1

  33. Testimonials 2

  34. Case Study

  35. Getting Started Checklist

  36. Kickoff Questionnaire

  37. Thank You

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