50+ Page Freelancer Pack


This is the Notion 50+ Page Freelancer Pack, Project Portal & Client Dashboard. Built in Notion and made up of every Template and

Document a freelancer, business owner, remote worker or indie maker could ever need across the categories of:

โœ“ Prospecting and Proposals

โœ“ Client Onboarding

โœ“ Project Management

โœ“ Payment

โœ“ Marketing

โœ“ Personal Growth

โœ“ Business Growth

โœ“ Finances

โœ“ Tools

It means no more wasting time having to fill out the same details on multiple pages and you can set up customizable Client Portals - to handle projects from start to finish - in seconds.


โœ“ 50+ Templates and Documents that can be saved online or downloaded in PDF, CSV and even HTML

โœ“ Quick Set Up Guide to get everything set up in no time

โœ“ Create unlimited Client Portals in Notion in a couple of clicks

โœ“ Content can be synced across pages and portals so no need to type out the same details over and over

โœ“ Customize client portals to feature your own or your clients branding

โœ“ Communicate with clients and send and receive files, relevant information, and deliverables

Focus less on admin with 50+ Templates & Docs

Access a vast library of every template and doc you can think of. Presentations, Invoices, Portfolios and more can be easily customized for you, your clients and projects.

Onboard Clients & Manage Projects in One Place

Create unlimited, customizable Notion based Client Portals. Manage projects from start to finish - from writing proposals to submitting work to sharing invoices and getting paid.

The Notion 50+ Page Freelancer Pack brings together everything needed to begin, run and grow a freelance business with the following features...

Ric Arthur