1 Year Transformation Board


A dashboard designed to help you break down and achieve your goals in just one year.

If you really focus your mind for the coming year on accomplishing the goals you set, this digital intuitive lightweight Dashboard made with love in Notion, serves as your personal assistent on that journey.

Benefits of Goalsetting
Provides Direction.
Clearer Focus on what is important.
Clarity in Decision Making.
Gives you control of your future.
Provides Motivation.
Gives you a sense of personal satisfaction.
Gives you a sense of purpose in life.

How does it work?
Set yourself some yearly goals
Set 1 year goals on health, wealth, relationships and spirituality - or even add your own categories.

Break down the goals quarterly
Break down how you'll accomplish your goals and plan out the next 4 quarters of the year.

Break down the goals monthly
Turn the quarterly goals into monthly tasks that needs to be accomplished.

Assign daily tasks
Sit down weekly to plan out your tasks for the coming week.

Accomplish more
When you know exactly what a task contributes to, it's going to be way easier to do it.

What's included?
Intuitive Simple Dashboard
Yearly, quarterly, monthly goals
Easy to setup & use
Weekly review section