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Name Type Price Description
2anki EDUCATION FREE Create Anki flashcards fast
3DIcons ICONS FREEMIUM 1440+ open-source 3D icons
Actions WIDGETS FREEMIUM Fully customizable cards widget for Notion
Apption WIDGETS FREEMIUM Notion friendly embeddable widget apps
August Bradley EDUCATION FREE Notion videos by August Bradley
Ben Smith EDUCATION FREE Notion examples, guides, and more
BlockBase WIDGETS FREEMIUM Free blocks to enhance your Notion pages
Blocs WIDGETS FREEMIUM Build better habits on notion with beautiful widgets
Butn WIDGETS FREE Call-to-action button generator for Notion
Calendar Icons Generator TOOLS FREE Generate an entire year’s worth of unique icons in a single click,
absolutely free
Canva DESIGN FREEMIUM Amazingly simple graphic design
Chilipepper TOOLS FREEMIUM Create beautiful forms connected to your Notion pages
Commotion TOOLS FREEMIUM Build forms, websites, and email lists with Notion
Covercons DESIGN FREE Generate beautiful cover images for Notion
Cronotion TOOLS FREEMIUM Repeated tasks for your notion
CustomBlocks TOOLS FREEMIUM Supercharge Notion with custom blocks
Cvbox AVATAR MAKER FREE Free Notion style avatar generator
Daniel Canosa EDUCATION FREE Notion videos by Daniel Canosa
Data Jumbo TOOLS FREE Transform your databases into charts.
Easlo EDUCATION FREE Notion videos by Easlo to be more productive
Ecommerce Club DESIGN PAID Notion-style eCommerce and Payment illustrations.
Engine.so TOOLS PAID Build a Knowledge Base for Your Customers using Notion
Feather WEBSITE BUILDER PAID Complete blogging platform with Notion as your CMS.
No coding required.
Figma DESIGN FREEMIUM The collaborative interface design tool
Finely TOOLS FREE Manage all your subscriptions in a single place so you never lose track
of what you’re paying for.
Finotion TOOLS PAID Your financial transactions in Notion, synced automatically
Flurly MARKETPLACE FREE The easiest way to sell digital products online
Fruition WEBSITE BUILDER FREE Free, Open Source Toolkit for Building Websites with Notion
GitHub Notion Sync TOOLS FREE Synchronize your GitHub issues with Notion
Google Forms to Notion TOOLS FREE Connect Forms to Notion table & Embed beautiful forms
Gridfiti EDUCATION FREE Notion tutorial, guides, and templates
Gumroad MARKETPLACE FREE Self-publishing digital marketplace platform to sell
digital products and services
Hana Icons ICONS FREEMIUM Hand gesture icons to help communicate and showcase your work.
Help Kit TOOLS PAID Easily build your Knowledge Base with Notion
Hostnotion WEBSITE BUILDER PAID Transform Notion into websites
Icons 8 ICONS FREE 952,500 free icons
Iconshock ICONS FREE 100,000+ free icons
IFTTT TOOLS FREEMIUM Quickly and easily automate your favorite apps and devices
Indify WIDGETS FREEMIUM Fully customizable Notion widgets that are easy to set up
Instapost TOOLS FREE Publish & Schedule Instagram posts from Notion with ease
Jitter TOOLS FREEMIUM The simplest motion design tool on the web
Joonbot TOOLS PAID Build and embed a chatbot in Notion pages in minutes
Kairo WIDGETS PAID Notion blocks for time, habit and goal tracking
Lou Attal EDUCATION FREE Notion videos by Lou Attal, a certified consultant and
Notion ambassador
Lnkrr TOOLS FREEMIUM Turn your Notion Page into a beautiful & easy to manage Linktree
Make TOOLS FREEMIUM Connect Notion with any of your favorite apps in just a few clicks
Marie Poulin EDUCATION FREE Notion videos by Marie Poulin
Marie Poulin Blog EDUCATION FREE Notion blog to help you get more organized, improve your processes,
and find more flow
Mounika AVATAR MAKER PAID Custom Notion Avatar
Nautomate TOOLS FREEMIUM Notion actions in Shortcuts
Niftyman TOOLS FREE Beautifully crafted Notion experience in MacOS menu bar
Nochart TOOLS FREEMIUM Turn your Notion database into actionable insights
NoCodeLetters TOOLS FREEMIUM Send your newsletter directly from Notion
Notaku TOOLS FREEMIUM Build your knowledge base from Notion content
Notelet WEBSITE BUILDER FREEMIUM Create a website or blog with Notion
Notes on Notion TOOLS FREEMIUM Can’t remember the notes you took on Notion?
Notes on Notion will email them to you
Noticons ICONS FREE Find aesthetic icons for Notion.
Notioly DESIGN FREEMIUM Beautiful Notion-style illustrations
Notiondesk TOOLS PAID Build a Help Center with Notion
NotionSocial TOOLS FREE Schedule posts on social media from Notion
Notion Answers COMMUNITY FREE Get help from other Notion users
Notion Architects COMMUNITY FREE A place for Notion users who want to share up their Notion game
Notion Avatar Maker TOOLS FREE Generate your own Notion style Avatar
Notion Backups TOOLS PAID Easily back up your Notion workspaces
Notion Boost TOOLS FREE Boost Notion productivity with 20+ customizations
Notion Charts TOOLS FREE Generate embeddable charts — beautifully optimized for Notion
Notion Charts TOOLS FREEMIUM Beautiful charts from your Notion tables
Notion Club COMMUNITY FREE A community for all who loves Notion, from beginner to advanced users
Notion Cover Generator DESIGN FREE Generate Notion cover images in minutes
Notion en Español COMMUNITY FREE Facebook group for the Spanish Notion community
Notion Enhancer TOOLS FREE An enhancer/customiser for the all-in-one productivity workspace.
Notion Everything MARKETPLACE FREE Notion templates & resources to save you days of work
Notion Feeder TOOLS FREE A Node app for creating a Feed Reader in Notion
Notion for Family COMMUNITY FREE A community of Notion lovers who are developing their workspaces
for families
Notion for Students COMMUNITY FREE A community where students can learn from one another on
how to best use Notion
Notion Forms TOOLS FREEMIUM Notion Forms by Simple.ink: embed, edit and collect answers,
all within Notion
Notion Guides & Tutorials EDUCATION FREE Sharpen your skills and explore new ways to use Notion
Notion HQ EDUCATION FREE The official website for Notion
Notion Icons ICONS FREE Minimal icons made by EllieGons
Notion Icons ICONS FREE The easiest way to use gorgeous icons in Notion
Notion Image Generator DESIGN FREE Generate images that fit the aspect ratio of a Notion gallery
database view card
Notion Images DESIGN FREE Easily generate cover images for your Notion pages.
Notion Invoice TOOLS PAID Beautiful PDF Invoices for Notion
Notion Korea COMMUNITY FREE Facebook group for the Korean Notion community
Notion Life Calendar TOOLS FREE The Notion life calendar displays in a grid all the weeks
that make up a 90 years’ life
Notion Made Simple COMMUNITY FREE The community for Notion users to share their workflows,
set-ups and questions
Notion Mastery EDUCATION PAID Master your life and business workflows with Notion
Notion Next TOOLS PAID A smart & simple task list Notion template
Notion Pages MARKETPLACE FREE Discover new, productive Notion templates, and share
your Notion setup with the world
Notion PDF Export TOOLS FREE A tool to allow batch PDF export for free Notion users
Notion Quotes Widget WIDGETS FREE Get a new quote every time you open Notion
Notion Themes WEB EXTENSION FREE Open-source web extension to apply custom themes to Notion
Notion VIP EDUCATION FREEMIUM Expert Notion tips, templates, add-ons and much more
Notion Viz Generator TOOLS FREE Visualize your databases in simple diagrams by Jonathan Sabbah
Notion Web Clipper WEB EXTENSION FREE Save any page on the web to Notion
Notion Widgets Gallery WIDGETS FREE A collection of free Notion widgets curated by Shorouk
Notion Wizard EDUCATION FREE Notion templates, tips, and more
Notion YouTube EDUCATION FREE The official Notion YouTube channel
Notion2charts TOOLS FREEMIUM Turn Notion databases into insightful charts
Notion2Sheets TOOLS FREEMIUM Give Notion the superpowers of Google Sheets
NotionCMS TOOLS FREEMIUM Build a business on top of Notion
Notionery MARKETPLACE FREE Discover free and premium Notion templates and resources
NotionExtensions WEB EXTENSION PAID Small & configurable extensions that make you more productive
on Notion
NotionForms TOOLS FREEMIUM Create beautiful forms to fill your Notion tables
Notionlytics TOOLS FREEMIUM Find out who visits your Notion pages
NotionMetrics TOOLS PAID Your most important metrics, live in Notion pages
NotionPDF TOOLS PAID Share Pretty URLs & Export Well Formatted ”True” PDF Documents
from Notion.so Pages
Notionplaza MARKETPLACE FREE Discover, buy and sell Notion templates, tools, apps, widgets
and services.
Notionware MARKETPLACE PAID Personalized products inspired by the most productive app
on the block.
Notionway MARKETPLACE FREE Discover your Notion template and optimize your workflow
Noto Avatar AVATAR MAKER PAID Illustrations pack to create your own Notion-style avatar
Office Club DESIGN PAID Notion-style art directions and illustration pack.
Oopy WEBSITE BUILDER PAID Write in Notion, It’s your website
Open Peeps TOOLS FREE Hand-drawn illustration library to create scenes of people
Phosphor Icons ICONS FREE Flexible icon family for interfaces, diagrams, presentations
whatever, really.
Photopea DESIGN FREE Free browser alternative to Photoshop
Pomodoro Timer WIDGETS FREE Aesthetic Pomodoro timer embeddable on Notion
Pomofocus WIDGETS FREE Minimal Pomodoro timer embeddable on Notion
Popsy WEBSITE BUILDER FREEMIUM Most options for free including hosting, custom domain, and more
Popsy Icons ICONS FREEMIUM The biggest collection of hand-drawn Notion style icons
Popsy Illustrations DESIGN FREEMIUM The biggest collection of hand-drawn Notion style illustrations.
Potion WEBSITE BUILDER PAID Create custom websites in minutes. All on Notion.
Pro Backup TOOLS PAID Get peace of mind, protect your Notion database
Prototion MARKETPLACE FREE Notion’s Best Handcrafted Templates
Prototion Blog EDUCATION FREE Notion blog by Prototion
Queue TOOLS PAID Twitter Scheduling Tool for Notion
Red Gregory EDUCATION FREE Detailed blog on everything Notion-related
Red Gregory YouTube EDUCATION FREE Notion lessons and guide videos by Red Gregory
Reddit COMMUNITY FREE The official Notion subreddit
Sally Wong AVATAR MAKER PAID Custom Notion styled avatars and illustrations
Save to Notion TOOLS FREE Save links to your Notion databases
Scheduled TOOLS FREE Publish & Schedule LinkedIn posts from Notion.
SideNotion WEB EXTENSION FREE Turn Notion into your online lecture sidekick
Simple Ink WEBSITE BUILDER FREEMIUM Build a website with Notion in 10 seconds
Slideit TOOLS FREE Save Tweets to Notion automatically
Snack This TOOLS FREE Create beautiful presentations from Notion
Super WEBSITE BUILDER PAID Create websites with nothing but Notion
Super Icons ICONS FREE Simple icons that work seamlessly within Notion
Tally TOOLS FREEMIUM The simplest way to create forms
TaskRobin TOOLS PAID Save emails to Notion with attachments
Template Gallery MARKETPLACE FREE The official template gallery for Notion
Terrace WEBSITE BUILDER PAID Build your next website with just Notion
The Notion Automation Hub TOOLS FREE Pre-built automations to supercharge your Notion setup
The Noun Project ICONS FREE Icons and photos for everything
The:Gist TOOLS PAID The easiest way to automate your Notion workflows
Thomas Frank Explains EDUCATION FREE Notion tutorials and other deep dives into productivity tools with
Thomas Frank
Thomas J Frank EDUCATION FREE Thomas Frank’s website where he shares Notion tutorials and
Tools for Thought COMMUNITY FREE A discord group of passionate folks interested in Notion and other
productivity tools
WidgetBox WIDGETS FREEMIUM Customizable Widgets for your Notion Pages
William Nutt EDUCATION FREE Notion videos by William Nutt, founder of Nutt Labs and Notion VIP
Wunderpresentation TOOLS FREE Create and run interactive presentation slides in no time using Notion
Zapier TOOLS PAID Do more with Notion integrations
Zoish AVATAR MAKER PAID Custom Notion Avatar by Zoish
Zorbi WEB EXTENSION FREE Create flashcards while writing notes in Notion