👋 Hey, I'm Elvis, a nocode enthusiast !

When I discovered this tool, I immediately switched all my notes from Evernote and was immediately drawn to its minimalist design.
It quickly became one of my favorite tools. To share my discoveries, I created Notion Templates. It allows you to discover the best Notion templates, free or paid, created by the best creators in the world.

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Notion Templates is an online marketplace to discover the best free and premium Notion templates and pages available on the market. So whether you’re a student, freelancer, entrepreneur, startup, big company, or just someone who wants to get the most out of the tools they use and achieve maximum productivity, then you’ve come to the right place!

What is Notion?
Notion is a software that combines project management and note-taking to increase productivity. It is composed of building blocks that can be used to create any desired layout. For those unfamiliar with Notion, it is recommended to first learn the software before exploring the available templates. You can watch the Notion Academy.

What is Notion template?
It’s a public page in Notion that is created and shared to the web which can then be duplicated and added to your own workspace. From there, you can customize them however you want for your project.

How to duplicate a page?
If the page is public, here’s how to proceed to copy to your workspace :


  • Log into Notion on your browser.
  • Navigate to the public page and click «Duplicate» in the upper-right corner.
  • Choose the workspace you’d like to duplicate the page into from the dropdown.
  • Your browser will take you to that page, now duplicated into the «Private» section of your sidebar. It will include all the sub-pages contained in the original page.
  • You can edit this page and its sub-pages just like you would any other.

    ⚠️ NOTE : In the case of Notion marketplace websites such as Notion Templates, you will be redirected or given a link to the template page once you complete your purchase. Then, you can follow the steps above to duplicate the template.

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